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"The Lodge"




"The Pavilion / Festival Area"


Boondocks Farms, just outside Historic Knightstown Indiana, is an ideal location for your outdoor wedding.  Boondocks is set on 160 acres, which offers you an unmatched, secluded setting that is easy to access for your guests.  Just 5 minutes off I-70, Boondocks is only 30 minutes from Indianapolis, allowing you to feel like you are out in the country, when you really aren’t.  Boondocks offers a 4200 square foot covered pavilion, next to a 5 acre manicured lawn, all nestled in a peaceful valley.  Additionally, Montgomery Creek  is visible flowing nearby, further adding to the natural beauty of your wedding.  Imagine pictures of you and yours, sitting hand in hand by the “Married Sycamores” as Montgomery Creek gently flows past.

Boondocks offers convenient parking (including valet) for your guests, and can accommodate multiple requests to make this day truly perfect.  Our base prices are as follows:


Price List  



 $ 4,000 for the day. Includes facility, tables, chairs and table linens for up to 75 Guests.




Pavilion / Festival Area:

(Pavilion holds up to 250 people. If you party is larger than 250, we add a

tent to the end of the pavilion.  We can handle up to 1,000 people)

(Heat and cooling is available when needed.)


Rental of the Festival Area including our 4200 square foot Pavilion:               $ 1,900                         

              Additional rental day for set up (optional)                                     $   400   



Parking Attendants for before wedding (2 people, required)                          $ 100


Final Cleanup by Boondocks Farms (required)                                              $ 200


Use of the lodge for wedding parties to get ready:  (optional)                        $ 450


Chair Rental (required)                                                                               $ 2.00 / chair


Table Rental (required)                                                                               $ 10.00 / table


Table Cloths "White" floor length (optional)                                                  $ 12.00 each 


DJ Service - $500 for the reception / $ 100 for the ceremony. (optional)         $ 500 to $ 600


Facility / Maintenance Staff Fee (2 Staff Members on wedding day)                  $ Included




* Overnight Camping for the event, Unlimited Number of Guests included.        $ 300


* Camp Fire, wood and rock fire ring provided by Boondocks Farms.                $ 150


* Tractor / Wagon Rides, 2 Hour Minimum.   ($ 125 / hr.)                               $ 250


50% venue deposit required to reserve any dates.


Catering (optional)


$ 13 -  * Pulled Pork

           * Grilled Chicken Breast  (5 oz.)

           * Hamburger, Elk Burger or Buffalo Burger.

$ 15 -   * Smoked Pork Chops  (8 oz)

            * Grilled Chicken Breast  (7 oz)

            * Carved Pork Tenderloin  (8 oz)

$ 18 -   * Ribeye or Sirlion Steaks  (8 oz)

            * Beef Brisket Slow Roasted   (8 oz)

            * Baked Salmon  (8 oz)

$ 22      * Carved Prime Rib  (8 oz)

Add $ 2 per person for 2 or more main entree's.

Add $ 2 per person for unlimited ice tea and lemonade for the meal.

Includes 3 of the following sides:

Tossed Salad, Spinach Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad or Cole Slaw.

Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Sweet Corn or Sweet Corn Breaded Casserole.

$ 2 extra for Baked Potato or Fruit Salad.

Includes all plastic plates, cutlery, cups, napkins and condiments.  Special food requests are allowed.



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