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Budgeting Advice from Real Boondocks Brides

This article is designed to be helpful in planning your Indiana Wedding. Below, four Boondocks brides share their favorite budgeting tactics and tips.

What is something easy to forget 
accounting for in the budgeting process?

[Mackenzie] - A Miscellaneous Fund. Unexpected expenses will pop up. Don't forget to leave some space in your budget for the unknown.

[Savannah] - Decor. If your venue doesn't offer decor options to rent (like Boondocks Barn & Lodge), make sure you buy only what you need. Trying to sell it afterwards is a hassle and you will never recoup your money. 

Bride and bridesmaids in stunning dresser

[Emily] - Tipping Vendors, Party Gift, and Postage. Don't forget about tipping all of the people who helped make your day a success such as the DJ, hair/makeup, officiant, etc. Also, the expense of gifts for your wedding party and postage to mail invitations adds up fast!

How did you decide where to spend and where to save?

Outdoor micro wedding

[Mackenzie] - Research and be Realistic. Prior to making any decisions, spend time researching your options and pricing. The venue, food and fun were the most important aspects for me. Make sure you do your research so you find vendors you love and can afford. 

[Savannah] - Prioritize What's Important

My dress and photography were most important. I prioritized my budget for these first, and then made other decisions based on the budget remaining. Don't forget that if you choose a venue that is beautiful on its own, you can spend less on decor. 


[Allie] - Spend on What You Want to Remember. I wanted to look back at my pictures and love them all, so my photographer and venue were most important to me. Things that don't last forever, such as flowers, were less important to me so I allocated my budget elsewhere. 


Did you use any specific tools when budgeting?

[Allie] - Canva & Microsoft Excel. I designed a wedding planner using Canva and spent a lot of time researching articles. The planner helped me organize my thoughts and ideas. I also created an Excel document to keep track of all my wedding expenses. 


[Emily] - Google Sheets. You can create a budget and digitally share it with others involved in the planning process. Since both of our parents were helping to pay for our wedding, I shared it with them and it keep everyone up to date. 


Bride in scenic setting

Any other wise words of advice for those planning a wedding a wedding?

[Mackenzie] - Pick a number and stick with it. Be realistic with your expectations, be honest with your significant other about what things cost, and remember to enjoy the planning process! 

[Savannah] - Don't get caught up in the current wedding fads. They are just fads! In a blink of an eye, they change and you are chasing the next trendy fad. Be yourself and let your wedding reflect who you both really are. 


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