Schedule a Lunatic Farmer Tour | 765.345.2020

Anyone is welcome to visit the farm from sunup to sundown Monday through Saturday. No trade locked doors, no hidden nothin...but, if you'd like an organized experience, schedule a lunatic farmer tour with us!  Our tours our structured and based on the the educational experiences given at Polyface Farm and the original Lunatic Farmer, Joel Salatin.


We'd love to show you how friendly farming means no smell, no toxic manure pits and no dangers to those who visit. We respect the chickeness of the chicken and the pigness of the pig to create a sustainable eco-friendly farm. Through our local Lunatic Farmer Tours and other on-farm educational conferences and programs, our hope is to create as many regenerative local farmers as possible.  We want people to be able to go back home and raise their own food or even begin raising food for their local community. Remember, only dead fish swim with the current.  It's time to reclaim your life with new attitudes, lifestyle changes and a burning desire to be different than the world.