We are the Huffman family--Joe, Christina, and our seven children: Jonah, Cailin, Kyran

The Boondocks Farm got its name and beginning in 2005 under previous owners and quickly became known as a family oriented farm open to the public for fall festivities, fun events and outdoor activities.  

Early in 2008, we began to feel the call to "find some land" you may say. Having four children at the time (and little did we know, three more to come) we began the process of selling our home and searching for land. Two important events would soon take place that would straighten our path and put us on a life-long mission and family ministry.

We were introduced to the documentary Food Inc., then to Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm and his book You Can Farm. Already known as "a little weird" or as Joel would say "the ones that have already drank the Kool-Aid", a fire was lit that only a true purpose can ignite.

And before I move on, let us define why we think of ourselves as normal but what others call "a little weird"...

  • We have seven children (always asked "Do you know what causes that?")

  • Homeschoolers (love the teachers and people in the schools, just don't jive with the system)

  • Christian (not weird, but, well...ok, maybe we are, in a good way)

  • Chiropractors (both of us, doubly weird and ridiculously fanatic about health principles and healing)

  • Home-births (no description needed)

  • No vaccinations/medications (unless its broken badly or a gaping infectious wound)

  • Pro-life and pro-environment (It's like being a Conservative/Liberal. We will never understand why the same people who say if you crush a sea turtle in its egg you should go to jail, would also say its okay to kill a baby in the womb...or why those who worship the Creator, ravage His creation...)

  • Food-conscious (being aware of how it's produced, and where it comes from---no McDonalds play place or Unhappy Meals)

  • and the list goes on...

Our family has been put on this mission to bring health back to our communities through the production of beyond organic foods, educating the world on why it is necessary for a sustainable future, and to truly become "Farmers of Men".  We hope to plant the seeds of Pure Faith, Pure Families and Pure Food and patiently wait for God to produce an abundant harvest.

We hope you will join us!

Joe, Christina, Jonah, Caelin, Kyran, Gracen, Selah, Jolen, and Josiah Huffman