Four Tips for Choosing a Company Event Venue


So, you’re in charge of this year’s company picnic. Where should you begin? Start by choosing a venue. Here are four tips to consider when choosing the perfect environment for a memorable event:

1. Select an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Look for a location that offers a wholesome environment, and consider including families in your events. Your employees want to spend their free time with their families, so making families a part of your event will give you hero status with both your employees and their families. And there will be no regretful events to contend with the following morning…

2. Be sure there’s plenty of space for activities. Don’t crowd people into a cramped space. Give everyone an opportunity to participate in fun activities such as inflatables, yard games, and friendly competitions. This will not only add energy to your event, it will also ensure that each attendee has a memorable experience.

3. Incorporate as much into the venue as possible. Does the venue include the cost for tables and chairs? Also, choosing a venue that offers catering means one vendor to worry about and can alleviate stress. Many venues include special pricing on activities and partner with local hotels to accommodate any lodging needs you may have.

4. Don’t forget about parking. Nothing puts people in a bad mood before they get to an event more than not being able to find a parking spot. Be sure to select a venue that has ample parking, and offer options for people with mobility issues.

How can we help you host your next company event? Contact Boondocks Farm at 765-345-2020 or reach out to us here:

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