Pasture-Raised: What's the big deal?

At Boondocks Farm, our livestock is pasture-raised on the rolling acreage of our farm, located just off of I-70 in rural Knightstown. “Pasture-raised” has a nice ring to it, but the way we raise our animals is more than just a nice-sounding phrase.

What does it mean when we say “pasture-raised”? The key to healthy animals and healthy food is healthy soil. When raising anything on pasture, be it cattle, chickens, lamb and even pigs, they must be given fresh pasture on a regular basis. For instance, the chickens we raise for meat are moved every single morning to fresh grass. This movement is paramount to producing healthy pastures and healthy food.

Our laying hens search freely for insects, eat grass and other plants, and occasionally find that worm… that’s of course if they are early enough. ;)

Our pigs also forage for their food. This leads to a much healthier balance of omega-3 fats not present in factory-farmed pigs. Not to mention, we don’t use antibiotics or any other kind of toxic chemicals as is required by confinement operations. Fresh grass, sunshine, clean water and happy pigs make healthy pigs.

You have probably seen a lot of other terms such as “Organic”, “All-Natural”, “Cage-Free”, etc… Those terms just don’t hold the meaning they used to. The only way you can really know what you are getting is by knowing your farmer and knowing how your food is raised. We encourage people to come out to the farm during the summer months so they can see for themselves... be your own Health Inspector if you wish. We have an open-door policy on our farm, no secrets, nothing hidden, just open pastures and happy critters.

Ok, so now you know what’s for dinner for our critters. But why should you choose pasture-raised meat and eggs for your family?

  1. You know where it comes from. There are no secrets or misleading labels.

  2. It tastes better. We get many comments from our older customers that our pasture-raised meat tastes the way meat did when they were growing up as a kid on a farm. Without the toxic preservatives and additives in store-bought meat, the true taste comes through.

  3. It’s healthier for you. It seems every day there are new revelations about the health risks of eating factory-produced food. Pasture-raised foods are nutrient-dense, life-sustaining foods that have been proven to provide greater health and longevity.

  4. You can trust Boondocks Farm to provide you with quality, locally raised meat. We raise it for our own family, the way God intended, stewarding the land and respecting the natural needs of each animal. If you still have questions about pasture-raised meat, please reach out and let us know. We’d love to talk with you!

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