Know Your Farmer: Meet the Huffmans

As the inherent risks of factory-farm produced food come to light, there’s a growing interest in getting to know your local farmer. With this in mind, we wanted to share our philosophy and why we do what we do here at Boondocks Farm.

In 2008, we began to feel the call to “find some land” and around the same time, we watched the documentary Food Inc. and learned about Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and his book You Can Farm. Through this series of events, we had a fire lit within us that only a true passion can ignite.

As healthcare professionals, It’s our mission to bring health back to our communities through the production of beyond organic foods, educating the world on why it is necessary for a sustainable future, and incorporating our faith along the way.

Ast Boondocks Farm, family- and community-friendly farming means no smells, no toxic manure pits and no dangers to those who visit. We believe that we should all seek food from our own region, enjoying seasonality and reacquainting ourselves with our home kitchens. We believe in sharing ideas, working together, and uniting our efforts with families, churches, other farmers, and local businesses.

The (not so) secret to our farm is in the soil. Rotating our animals daily and weekly to fresh grass results in healthier soil, healthier animals, and nutritional superiority for the food we produce. We respect the “chickenness of the chicken and the pigness of the pig” (credit: Joel Salatin) to create a sustainable eco-friendly farm.

Transparency is important to us, so we have an open door policy. Anyone is welcome to visit the farm from sunup to sundown, Monday through Saturday. We don’t have trade secrets or locked doors. Contact us to set up a time to visit.

Beyond basic transparency, we believe in education and are working to create some workshops and events centered around our grass-based local farming. Interested in learning more? Join our mailing list! You can sign up in the footer of this website.

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